One of my friends started to wear Niqab when she was 16, now her parents are searching for proposals, so many came and refused, since she was unable to show her face (to the non-Mahram guests), now she is confused, please give a solution so that Allah will be pleased and she can get married. Jazakallah!


There will be no hijaab unless and until it is with Niqaab (face covering). In front of non-Mahram men, it is wajib for a Muslim woman to also cover her face.

This means that if a woman leaves it out, she will be sinful. (Ahkaamul Quraan vol.3 pg.476).

She should try to maintain niqaab everywhere. She should have a strong faith in taqdeer. Insha Allah, soon she will find someone who will accept her with the face covering.

May Allah bless her with a pious husband! Ameen.

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Also, please read 'The choice and struggle to wear Hijab', written by a new Muslim sister, ]

And Allah knows best.

Ask Alimah Team

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