I am an unmarried woman. Recently I have started reciting Darood Sharif daily and found it very pleasant and peaceful for heart. I have got developed great desire these days to perform Haj/umrah. I have started saving money from my monthly budget for performance of Umrah first. My problem is that I am unmarried. My mehrams are my father and brothers. I can't go alone for this task. I requested them to accompany me. My younger brother has committed that he will go with me after Eid ul Azha. But his program seems uncertain and doubtful which makes me very restless and disturbing that if he couldn't go then how would I manage all this. I want to go to Allah's home and want to pray for forgiveness of my sins and pray for all my needs and problems. I want to recite Salat o Salam on the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) at His Roza Mubarak (InshaAllah) where He himself answers the Darood as I studied in the Islamic books. When I find people saying that only those go there who are the closed ones of God and very fortunate, then I feel very frustrated. Plz pray for me that May Allah invite me at His home and shower His blessings upon me. Also tell me the Duas/Surahs/Wird for the performance of Umrah/Haj soon and for creation and completion of arrangements(Asbab) of Pilgrimage. Plz pray and guide.


It is the quality of a believer that he/she attributes every decision or occurrence to the will of Allah. Allah in His infinite knowledge and wisdom knows why this happens to you. You should not allow Shaytaan to
deceive you by attributing your condition to other factors and loose focus of Allah. Turn your attention to Allah and beg of Him to make your journey for Umrah possible. In particular, you can perform Salaatul Hajaat, in which the you offer two rakaah nafl salaat to Allah Ta'ala and then recite the following dua:

La ilaha illa Allahul-Haleemu lkareem. Subhana Allahi rabi el-`arshil `azeem. Al-Hamdulilahi rabbi il-`Alameen. As'aluka mujibati rahmatika, wa `aza'ima maghfiratika, wal-`ismata min kuli dhanb, wal ghaneemata min kuli
birr, was-salamata min kuli ithm. La tada` li dhanban illa ghafartahu, wala hamman illa farajtahu, wala hajatan hiya laka ridan illa qadaytaha ya arhama ar-rahimeen.

If any Muslims would like a want or desire of theirs to be fulfilled, this Method (Dua) is recommended. InshaAllah Allah Ta'ala will aid you and guide you to what is best for you. You can also offer Salaatul Istikhara to ask Allah Ta'ala if this time is the best time for you to go to Hajj or Umrah. InshaAllah, if Allah Ta'ala wills it, then
there will be nothing to stop you from being a guest in His blessed home.

May Allah Ta'ala allow you to be amongst those that are blessed with visiting Baitullah and may He reward you for your desire to visit the Holy cities.

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And Allah knows best.

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