What procedure should I use to stop menstruation for the month when going Umrah? My cycle starts on the day I plan to go.


We hope that this response reaches you in the best of health and Imaan. Ameen inshaAllah.

In your specific situation, one legitimate way of stopping menstruation is medically through the use of birth control pills. However, the process of the body getting used to this medication may take time (consult your Doctor as appropriate).  Also, there may be after-effects of changing the menstruation cycle.

In the event that you start your menstruation cycle while going for Umrah, the following should be done. You should make the niyyah of ihram and put on the ihram. You should make sure to follow all the rules of ihraam (do not cut the hair, trim the nails, harm or kill any creature, etc). Because you are in a state of haydh (menstruation), you do not offer Salah. It is also impermissible to enter the Haram Shareef (or any other masjid).

Once your menstruation cycle is complete, perform ghusl. Then proceed to do Tawaaf, Sa'ee (between Safah and Marwah) and then do halaq (cut the prescribed amount of the hair). After fulfilling the rites of Umrah, inshaAllah your Umrah will be complete.

And Allah knows best.

Ask Alimah Team

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