a. Marriage ending due to quarrels b. I got married one n half year ago my husbnd sent me to my parent home after a month of marrage, my in-laws were not happy nd made issues of small things. and now, one and half year passed, he didn ot came to my parent home.


First of all, study this article on our site:
Cure for depression

If you had a chance to live with your husband, study the next articles, make a list of your mistakes (if any) and try to fix those:

Happy Marriage - Living with Peace and Harmony at Home

If the current marriage breaks (agains your wishes), make Istekhara andstart a new life. Ask Allah to bless you with a better husband. Work with family elders and seek their advice.

You should decide how to make the best of your life. If you want to get married again, read our articles on marriage, analyze why the previous marriages were broken (make a list of mistakes both sides did). If it hard to change the other side, but we can change ourselves and ask Allah for help. If you write some details, inshaAllah we may advise further.

Winning the Husband ' Saving a Marriage!

If you are not planning to get married soon, have support from family elders etc. then make a schedule/ plan for your life - worshipping, learning Islam, doing good deeds that can earn millions for the life hereafter.

You should not haste to make any decision from your side. Make Istekhara, consult your parents and let them consult with Mufti/Imam in your town.

You should ask Allah for guidance and a blessed life, for you and whole Ummah. Also make Dua for your husband's guidance and well-being.

Make lots of Isteghfar on past sins and mistakes, make Taubah and ask Allah for help. You should make Dua, give some Sadaqa (even small), pray Salatul Hajat and Istkhara. Recite this 7 times morning and evening:
"Hasbiyyallahu la ilaha illa huwa alaihi tawakkaltu wa huwa rabbul arshil

Forgiveness and Winning the Heart:
Remember the teaching of the Islam to win the heart:

' Repel evil with good deeds;

' Join relations with the one who cuts it with you;

' Make Salaam to one who does not make Salaam;

' Forgive those who did bad to you;

' Keep politeness in all talk, with respect and love;

And Allah knows best.

Ask Alimah Team

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