Sister I am a married woman with a child girl who is 3 and half years old, I know I have done lots of sins in my life, I do pray then I stop then again I would pray an do same, I want to know which du'ah to make everyday and make me forget my past the wrong, do namaz everyday I want my faith to become more stonger. I want to be among the right and have Jannat ul firdos, please sister help me. Jazzakallah


It is the nature of mankind to be forgetful and to commit sins.if we did not do so,we would have been with the angels. However, Allah SWT has given us the ability to correct our mistakes and make amends, we turn to Allah and beg for his forgiveness. One should make sincere tawbah/repentance to Allah SWT for one's sins. The requisites of taubah are three: (1) To immediately abstain from the sin. (2) To regret and wish one had never indulged in the sin. (3) To make a determined intention not to return to the sin. (Ruhul ma"ani Vol28 Pg235) It is good to remember one's sins as this will keep us humble in front of Allah. We would advise you to firstly, seek the company of the pious, maybe a scholar in your locality, or friends who are concerned with their deen. Secondly, the remembrance of Allah washes away the rust that gathers on the heart because of sins. If not cleansed regularly, the heart will not guide you to do good deeds. Lastly, the Prophet SAW advised his companions by saying "abstain from sins and you will be from the most pious of men." One should keep on striving and be hopeful of the mercy of Allah SWT. May Allah SWT grant us all the ability to abstain from sins and become practising Muslims ,Aamin.

And Allah knows best.

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