I will be honest and say I m not the perfect Muslim and do not practice what i should as i have been brought up to have a laid back attitude with religion as my parents are the same. I am struggling to cope with how things have ended and i would just like to find peace within myself and seek forgiveness. I feel like I have lost my future plan. I know i may not be fully religious or have much knowledge but i think its my time to follow Islam and be a true Muslim. I m not sure where i start or how i do this. But i really would like to understand Islam. ..i feel like my world is fallen apart and everything i have worked for has now gone. Is this a punishment or a lesson. Please can you help


May Allah bless you with piety (Taqwa) and purity, strong Imaan, forgiveness of sins, have mercy on you, elevate your status, and bless you with knowledge of Deen and generosity. Ameen!

A. Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thanawi (Allah have mercy on him) instructed:
'Pray two rakah salah with intention of making repentance and then supplicate as follows;

O Allah! I am Your obstinate disobedient servant.
I want to become obedient but nothing happens with my desires. However, everything is possible only with You.
I want to reform myself but I lack the determination to do so. Only You can reform me.
O Allah! I am extremely inappropriate, severely corrupt and very sinful. I am failing. Please, help me!
I have a weak determination to resist temptations of sinful activities. Please, give me the power to do so.
I do not have anything for salvation (Najaat). Please, provide me with the means of salvation from Your hidden treasures.'
For ten or twelve minutes, make repentance arduously. Then say;

'O Allah! Kindly forgive all the sins that I have committed till now. Though I do not say that I will not commit them again. I am aware that I will do them again. However, I will ask for forgiveness again.'

In this manner daily ask for forgiveness, acknowledge your weakness, supplicate for betterment (Islah) and verbally recount your lack of ability, corruption and evilness. In short, debase yourself explicitly in front of Allah daily for ten minutes.

Make the above Dua daily before going to sleep.

In few days you will observe that from Divine sources your determination will become strong without facing humility and hardships. Overall, things will happen from Divine which you cannot even imagine now.'

Make all your worries, doubts and concerns in the form of Dua to Allah ' for example:

Yah Allah, I was astray from straight path for so long, but You have hid my faults and gave me hidayat.

Ya Allah, I tried to do good, but Shaytaan deceived me - only You can show me the path to Jannah!

Ya Allah, I am helpless and distressed and You have all the treasures of comfort, mercy and happiness.

5-minute Dua every night ' for peace of mind

You may read 2 Rakah of Nafl Salah, with intention of Taubah and Salatul Hajat. This is performed like any other Salaah.

Taubah (from any act of disobedience and sins)
The method is described at

Salat-ul Hajat
The method is described at

(Beg Allah to ease your difficulty, clean your heart to focus on good deeds).

Change your life style --- start Salah, reading Quran, Zikr and observe Hijaab ---and have full HOPE in the MERCY of Allah.

Life is very precious, you deserve love, hope, mercy and success!

You may study the following books and articles:

Cure for depression

Easy Road to Paradise - Golden deeds that lead to success - extracted from a booklet in Urdu 'Jannat ka Asan Rasta' by Shaykh Mufti Mohammad Rafi Uthmani.]

Why is Hijab necessary?

And Allah knows best.

Ask Alimah Team

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