How can a Muslim women be hospitable to her guests in her in-laws where all her relatives are non-Mahram? How is she suppose to be hospitable to them and offer them food and remind them to have food and all when she is not even allowed to mix with non-Mahrams?


May Allah bless you with piety (Taqwa) and purity, strong Imaan,forgiveness of sins, have mercy on you, elevate your status, and bless you with knowledge of Deen and generosity. Ameen!

Islam is the only religion which has given woman the status in accordance to her nature and determined her rights and duties according to her personality. Islam gave woman that dignity which no other ideology or faith has ever given.

A Muslim woman is shy, has lots of Haya, does not talk to non-Mahram except when it is necessary, with respect and grace. Hijab is necessary when non-Mahram visit your home.

The best way to be hospitable to guests is to have a Mahram relative, or your husband, or little children around whom can help you serve your non-Mahram relatives. Have an understanding with your husband and in-laws telling them you do not have any problems preparing for guests, but your husband (or kids) will be the one serving them.

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Status of Women in Islam


And Allah knows best.

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