Is it haram or a sin to express your love through online chat because we are miles away. I love this guy so much and everyday I am thinking of him, wishing he would marry me someday. Please advice me. Alhamdulillah for your great effort and time


Respected sister, even if a man is engaged with a woman, he is still a non-Mahram until the actual Nikah is made. Meeting alone, expression love through online chatting or going out with this person is not allowed for her. It is required to observe complete Hijab with him until the Nikah is done.

Islam does not encourage pre-marriage love relationships between a male and female who are non-Mahram to each other. There are limits in Islam regarding love relationships before marriage. Please read more in this article:

Cure for Pre-Marriage Love Relationship which does not lead to a Marriage

You may read 2 Rakah of Nafl Salah, with intention of Taubah and Salatul Hajat. This is performed like any other Salaah. After the Salaah, you should recite the following Dua. You may print these pages from web and recite from printed pages or from computer after the Salaah. It is not
required to memorize these Dua or read it inside Salaah.

Taubah (from any act of disobedience and sins)
The method is described at

Salat-ul Hajat
The method is described at

(Ask Allah to ease difficulty, clean the heart to focus on good deeds. Also ask Allah to show you if that person is really sincere to you or not).

A religious person is better for both this life and hereafter. 'Religious' does not mean who prays and fast only - the definition is 'who abstains from all sins' - this includes our dailiy life, food, finances, dress, full hijab and Niqab, manners and purification of heart - read the article and Khutbah on our site and listen to leactures ..
inshaAllah your knowledge will increase.

Make your choice for Taqwa(piety), beauty of Seerah instead of just looking for the apparent beauty.

You may study the following books and articles:

Cure for depression by Shaykh Yunus Patel

Easy Road to Paradise - Golden deeds that lead to success - extracted from a booklet in Urdu 'Jannat ka Asan Rasta' by Shaykh Mufti Mohammad Rafi Uthmani.]

Cure for depression

Why is Hijab necessary?

May Allah assist you and make it easy for you, Amin.

And Allah knows best.

Ask Alimah Team

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