Assalamualaikum If a person does not repent to Allah whole his life and then thinks when Ramadan comes I will repent to Allah or I am waiting for Ramadan to come so that I will repent ...


Committing sins may make you sorrowful, depressed and deeply disappointed with yourself. But if you return to Allah with a few tears and beseech Him for mercy, He will certainly forgive you. There is no other door to knock to solve our issues. None can forgive sins except Him. He calls us to the abode of peace (Paradise); He is the Almighty who hides our faults and He alone can replace our bad deeds with good deeds. The door of repentance is always open for a person until he dies.

Ramadan is one of the best times to make complete Taubah.
Study our articles on making Taubah. If you have any doubts please ask a new question.

Seeking Forgiveness (Tau'bah)

Make all your worries, doubts and concerns in the form of Dua to Allah '
for example:

Yah Allah, I was astray from straight path for so long, but you have hid my faults and gave me hidayat.
Ya Allah, I tried to do good, but Shaytaan deceived me - only You can show me the path to Jannah!
Ya Allah, I am helpless and distressed and you have all the treasures of comfort, mercy and happiness.

This life is all about controlling desires and protecting from the traps of Nafs (self) and Shaytaan. This is a temporary life where desires and feeling may not be fulfilled completely - the place for enjoyment and
desires is Jannah. Paradise is a reality ' with rivers of milk and honey, palaces of gold and silver, delicious food and fruits, beautiful companions, always happy, always young, always healthy ' a great kingdom for ever and
ever for an unending enjoyment and bliss.

The best thing for a believer is to make Taubah from all sins, big or small -- make a list of all mistakes in your past life, pray 2 rakat (Salah of Taubah) and ask Allah to fogive you. Then, try to make up for any missing Salah, any missing fasting, any missing Zakah/Hajj etc. Also,
ask forgiveness from other people if any injustice or verbal abuse as made.

Are there other sins and mistakes in my life?

The best thing for a believer is to make Taubah from all sins, big or small. There are other obvious sins in our society - encourage everyone in our homes and community to make Taubah from any disobedience of Allah
--- for example:

Sins by the tongue: Lying, verbal abuse in anger, backbiting, slandering, immodest talk, cursing, quarrelling, mocking, expressions to show-off etc.

Sins by the heart: Jealousy, pride and arrogance, greed, show-off, malice etc.

Sins in daily life: Looking at non-Mahram men and women with lust and desire, eating impermissible things, false oath/swearing, cheating or deceiving others in trade or business etc.

Sins in appearance and dress: Muslim men not keeping a beard, Muslim woman not observing proper Hijab (Niqab).

Sins in social life: Muslim men mixing with women, women unveiling and appearing before men other than their Mahram, watching movies/ pictures, singing , music, taking and hanging pictures of living beings.

There are other activities of negligence and disobedience which are a waste of time/resources, make a person unmindful of Akhirah (Hereafter) and lose the opportunity of earning millions of good deeds.

Instead, a believer should engage in Dawah, learning and teaching, Zikr, Tilawat of Quran, Durood, Isteghfar and Dua.

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And Allah knows best.

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