Jazak Allah for such beautiful information. I actually do hijab already but hadn't followed the proper route of Islam & Allah that we were suppose to. But now, Allhamdulillah after being guided with this information and my sincere path for forgiveness I'm going to change myself inside & out In Sha Allah


Masha Allah you are on the path of Taubah! One who makes true Taubah would become the one who has not done the sin. If you become more pious and righteous, everyone in family will love and respect you, and you can be a source of inspiration for others to do good deeds, inshaAllah!

You may listen to some lectures from our site, in Urdu or English:

Masha Allah, an educated sister like yourself, in your age group, would seek more good deeds to get closure to Allah through Dua, Zikr, Quran, serving your family and others in your community. Explore the purpose of life - you may use articles and lectures on our site as a resource.

The entire creation is helpless. No one has power to do good to you or to harm you. Only Allah knows what is good and what is bad for you.

Look up to Allah, Who looks after you. Keep facing Allah, Who is in front of you. Love Allah, Who loves you. Obey Allah, Who invites you. Give your hand to Allah, Who saves you from a fall'Loving hearts, spiritual contentment, forgiveness and mercy, are all from Allah.

Allah is one, alone, worthy of all worship. He has no partners or associates and there is none other worthy of worship anywhere in the entire universe.

Allah is the only God, the Creator, the Evolver, and the Sustainer of all that exist, He is Eternal, All Powerful, Absolutely Just, Totally Merciful, All Loving, All Compassionate, All Gracious and All Forgiving.

Why Hijab?
Every sister has a diamond which is herhonor and dignity. May Allah protect them from the trials and evils of the outside world, Ameen!

Read the struggle of a reverted Muslimah sister:

Islam is the only religion which has given a very high and honorable status to woman and set her rights and duties according to her personality. Islam gave woman that dignity which no other ideology or faith has ever given.

Allah has blessed women with unique qualities like affection, tenderness, emotions and grace. From a small flower-like daughter, a pious sister, a loving wife, a merciful mother, to a distinguished grand-mother (a fountain of love, mercy and purity) - women have a great contribution to human society.

Seeking Allah's Love:
This life is a one-time opportunity to achieve everlasting happiness in the life hereafter. Allah Almighty is showering countless blessings upon us everyday. Every moment has a great potential to achieve high-ranks in the court of our Creator. Every minute is like a gold coin. The heart and tongue are gifts from Allah to earn millions of rewards (Hasanaat) for the Akhirah.

This life is all about controlling desires and protecting from the traps of Nafs (self) and Shaytaan. This is a temporary life where desires and feeling may not be fulfilled completely - the place for enjoyment and desires is Jannah. Paradise is a reality ' with rivers of milk and honey, palaces of gold and silver, delicious food and fruits, beautiful companions, always happy, always young, always healthy ' a great kingdom for ever and ever for an unending enjoyment and bliss.

Protect yourself and family
Protect from the traps of Shaytaan, Nafs and bad environment, which excites a person to:

--Eat whatever you like, making it difficult to avoid Haram and doubtful things

--Dress as you like, making it difficult to observe Hijab, piety, protection of eyes for this person and others on the street.

--Meet and mix with whomever you like, forgot about good and bad, Mahram and non-Mahram.

Shaytaan has promised to attack from all 4-directions ' front, back, left and right!

Living in this environment is like walking on shells ' like passing through a jungle filled with thorny bushes on both sides, hidden holes on the ground ' a believer with Taqwa would walk by protecting herself from all sides, every step with fear of Allah!.

In this universe, there are both Khair (good) and Sharr (bad) ' To bring Khair, to maintain Taqwa and be steadfast, a lot of continuous effort is needed. Sharr or bad things come automatically, without effort!

The trial and fitan in the market and streets are an opportunity to practice Taqwa, to get closer to Allah, to go high and high in Paradise ' HellFire is surrounded by things appear attractive to Nafs (Shahawaat) and Jannah is surrounded by things which are hard on Nafs. Both ways are open and every day is a test.

How to keep motivation:
You may pray Salatul Hajat and the following Dua from our site main page.

You should make all your worries, doubts and concerns in the form of Dua to Allah - for example:

Yah Allah I was astray from straight path for so many years, but You have hid my faults and gave me hidayat.
Ya Allah I tried to do good but Shaytan deceived me - only You can show me the path to Jannah!
Ya Allah I am helpless and distressed and You have all the treasures of comfort, mercy and happiness.

Recite Quran and make lots of Dua - inshaAllah your sadness will be resolved.
Recite this Tasbeeh everyday.
Translation: 'There is no strength (to refrain from s

And Allah knows best.

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