In wearing the niqab, some says the ruling for this is not compulsory, I feel sad as I often get scolded for wearing the niqab. Please help me.


Please note that there will be no complete hijaab, unless it is with Niqaab (face covering).
In front of non-Mahram men, it is wajib for a Muslim woman to also cover her face.
This means that if a woman leaves it out, she will be sinful. (Ahkaamul Quran vol.3, pg.476).

You should try to maintain niqaab everywhere and in those places where you feel that you do not have the power to do so you should feel remorseful and repent to Allah immediately. This continuous repentance will inshAllah one day help you do niqaab in all the gatherings. Keep hope and keep asking Allah for forgiveness for all the times you are not able to do so.

A dua that you can also recite is,
"Rabbi yassir walaa tu'assir watammim bil khair. Wabika nasta'een. Ya Fattah, Ya Fattah, Ya Fattah"
which roughly translates to "Oh My Lord, make things easier for me, do not make things difficult for me. Oh my Lord, let my affairs end with goodness and form You do we seek help (Oh Revealer)".

InshaAllah we pray that Allah Ta'ala give you the best of rewards for protecting your beauty and fulfilling His command for the believers to be among those who guard their modesty. Ameen.

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And Allah knows best.

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